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Pro-Illegal US Immigration Official Got Taken Down By Trey Gowdy On Live TV!

Trey Gowdy has been on our side for a long time and we are lucky that this is the case. Gowdy is one of the biggest supporters that President Donald Trump has in the government. He fights for our conservative values at any chance that he can get. We saw that up close and personal during an exchange where Gowdy had to take some time to put a pro-illegal immigration official in her place.

Illegal immigration has been the talk of the nation ever since it was announced that President Trump and his administration would be rescinding Barack Obama’s prized DACA program. This program aimed to help young people brought to the United States in their youth, find a path to citizenship.

This woman, Rosa Velazquez, tries to make an argument for letting more and more illegal immigrants into the United States. She gets shut down pretty quickly by Trey Gowdy, who has seen far too much of this liberal discourse. He kindly lets her know that this kind of thing will never work in the United States. It is simply too dangerous.

Trey Gowdy is an amazing patriot who fights for what is right in this country. The former attorney has been given a step up in his job title, now he is working hard to get to the bottom of these lies spread by the liberals. He was famously one of the few Republicans who would simply not give up on the Benghazi fiasco, heading a committee aimed at finding the truth.

And here he is again, showing conservatives around the country why he should be trusted with our laws. This man knows his way around a lie, and that is exactly what this woman was doing. She was lying to people’s faces when she said that more illegal immigration should happen.

There are a lot of proponents of immigration that claim to have some inside knowledge of the situation. But more times than not, these people are falsely representing themselves in an attempt to gain power and get their agendas past. That is what Rosa was caught doing by Gowdy here:

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