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Elite SEAL Team Unit That Took Down Bin Laden Now Has a Mission That Should Terrify Kim Jong-un

North Korea leader Kim Jong-un has been doing everything he can to make President Donald Trump’s life a living nightmare. It seems like all of these missile tests are really only an attempt to do one thing: make Trump mad. And it is working. There is one problem however, Trump is not the only one that is starting to get made. Countries from all over the world are also starting to be fed up with the hate.

But now the 6-man Navy SEAL team that famously took down Bin Laden might have some news that should put a scare into Kim. According to reports, the team is training South Korean experts on how to pull an assassination. What could this mean? A number of different things. These South Korean teams are being taught how to take down control centers.

Experts think that they can be ready and in practice by December 1st. That is not very long considering all of the training they have to go through. This would prove to be a big move by the South Koreans, who are very close to the uncertainty surrounding Kim Jong-un.

There has been a lot of talk on how the United States should respond the North Korea. Democratic Senator Chris Murphy gave his opinion recently.

“I feel like we still have two different polices on North Korea: one at the Department of State and Department of Defense, and another on the President’s Twitter feed,” Murphy said. Of course he had to attack Trump at the same time, as liberals so often do. But there does seem to be some uncertainty surround the entire situation.

Trump also talked about cutting off trade with China to stop this. Republican Chris Gardner had some things to say about that. “China has made some steps, and I commend them for those steps — obviously they could have blocked the last resolution at the UN and they did not — but we need to see more action from China,” said Gardner. “They control so much of the North Korean economy they can do far more and far greater good.”

We have a lot to work on.

What does this mean? Are they going to assassinate Jong-un?

(h/t CNN)

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