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Breaking: The Secrete Service Made An Arrest In Front Of The White House

The White House is under a constant threat, and it all started after Inauguration Day. some people believe they have the right to do whatever pleases their mind, but they seem to forget that President Donald Trump and his family actually live there. We didn’t see incidents like this during Obama’s time in office, and the anti-Trumps have already crossed the red line.

The Secret Service has been dealing with incidents of any kind, and this was not the first time someone tries to perform any illegal activities in the sight of the White House. The agents detained several people right after the President was inaugurated. This time they handled an incident at the north side of the White House Monday morning. This happened before the President and his lovely wife First Lady Melania were supposed to return home from Pentagon.

“Secret Service agent with TV pool says the White House lockdown was caused by someone who threw a sign and yoga mat over the fence,” NBC’s Peter Alexander tweeted.

The Secret Service confirmed the incident, and explained that pedestrians are blocked from Pennsylvania Avenue while the investigation took place. The same applies to Lafayette Park. “Uniformed Division responding to an incident at the north fence line, along Penn. Ave. Area is closed to pedestrian traffic,” the Secret Service tweeted at 10:30 am.

We still have no information whether the First Couple has returned from the 9/11 observance ceremony held at Pentagon. The family was expected to leave Pentagon at 10:20, and arrive home at 10:35 am. It seems like these two hit the perfect timing.

Police officers confirmed that two people are held in custody after they threw a sign and yoga mat over the fence at the White House. It’s strange how this happened at the 9/11 anniversary. Maybe it’s just a coincidence, and these people were just trying to attract everyone’s attention. We all hope that authorities will be able to investigate the incident and eliminate any potential threat.

What do you think about this incident? Do you think these people had other reason to attack the White House? Is this a coincidence?

(h/t NBC Washington)

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