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Breaking: The Supreme Court Just Blocked the Appeals Court Ruling!

As per reports, the Supreme Court has just blocked the 9th Circuit Court’s restrictions on President Trump’s travel ban from taking effect. This means that the full law will now take. This is a win for the president who has seen a lot of attacks against him and his efforts to make this country as safe as it can be. This ban was an attempt to ensure that those coming into the United States from terrorist prone areas are properly vetted.

Acting Solicitor General Jeffrey Wall talked about the ban and what this means. This is a huge deal for conservatives around the country that want to see some law being brought back into this country.

“Unlike students who have been admitted to study at an American university, workers who have accepted jobs at an American company, and lecturers who come to speak to an American audience, refugees do not have any freestanding connection to resettlement agencies, separate and apart from the refugee-admissions process itself, by virtue of the agencies’ assurance agreement with the government,” Wall said.

“Nor can the exclusion of an assured refugee plausibly be thought to ‘burden’ a resettlement agency in the relevant sense.”

The 9th Circuit has overstated their power on numerous different occasions when it comes to President Trump and his policies. They not once, but twice, blocked this order from going into effect.

Wall said that letting the 9th Circuit go through this this change would force the government to have to change in big ways. And this is true on many levels. What the court argued about refugees having every right to be here is simply false.

But the Supreme Court has knocked these changes from the 9th Circuit down. They have let Trump go through with his travel ban. The argument that this was in anyway unconstitutional is false. He has every right to make this decision and that is why he made it.

People around the United States were happy to see something like this finally being put into effect. And after waiting for so long, they will see it implemented.

(h/t The Hill)

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