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PHOTOS: No One Can Pull Of A Black Jacked And Khaki Slacks Like Melania Trump!

First Lady Melania Trump has always been  in the center of all events. She’s the President’s best companion, and let’s just say that she is the best first lady America has ever seen. Many tried to make her look bad in people’s eyes, but nothing can beat the fact that Melania Trump is amazing. Liberal reporters tried to dig up any dirt from her past, but their moles found nothing.

Fashion gurus praise Melania Trump for her sense of style. You have to admit it, she is one of the best dressed women in the world. Every woman will gladly switch placed and live her life for a day.

Things didn’t always look this bright for Melania Trump. Remember how she was criticized for not moving in the White House after her husband’s inauguration? Liberals can’t understand that she was just a mother who cares for her only child. There was no way for Barron Trump to leave New York and go to a new school in the middle of the school year. Rosie O’Donnell and her friends are well aware of this, but they kept criticizing the First Lady.

Melania Trump stands strong every day, and nothing will ever destroy the support she enjoys.

This time the First Lady was caught leaving the White House in a casual outfit. Although we don’t see her often wearing clothes like this, she actually looks gorgeous. You can actually wear slacks and look stunning. Melania Trump slays this outfit!

The First Couple stepped out on the South lawn of the White House. The Trumps were on their way to Florida. Reporters noticed Melania Trump’s style. She was wearing a black jacked, khaki pants and nice flats. Amazing!

The President and his lovely wife will land in Fort Meyers, Florida. The President will attend a briefing on Hurricane Irma..

What do you think about the outfit Melania Trump wore today? Do you think she made the right choice? How will liberal fashion gurus interpret her outfit?

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