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California Highway Patrol Ignores Laws, Helps Border Control Make Arrest

Yuma Border Patrol agents that were working near Interstate 8, a bit east of the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area, have officially arrested five people after a chase of a driver of a Chevrolet SUV. The driver failed to stop at a stop sign. This kind of things happens quite often and it might not seem like a very big deal. But there is more to the story.

California Highway Patrol told the Yuma Sector Border Patrol that there were four individuals seen getting into a SUV. They were traveling east toward Yuma. Dispatch told all agents that were working in the area and attempted to stop the car. But the suspect fled. After they tried to escape on foot, he was arrested in a nearby parking lot.

There were no injuries reported at the time of the arrest. But they did arrest the driver, who was a 27 year old United States citizen, for human smuggling. They seized the vehicle from him. As for the other 4 passengers, they were illegal aliens from Mexico. They were all arrested for immigration violations. They are all currently being processed according to all laws.

Under Barack Obama, illegal immigration in this country sky rocketed. He and his administration did nothing to fix the problem at hand. He simply did not care or did not care enough, to fix anything having to do with our broken system.

But President Donald Trump has had enough and has vowed to put a stop to it one way or another. He is tired of seeing these people get away with illegal immigration. One way he wants to do that is by building his infamous wall. Though liberals have recently come out saying that this wall will never go up, Trump has stood by his promise.

This is one way that would ensure that people could not get into our nation illegally, at least not on our southern border.

However, for the agents in this situation, we are lucky to see them get the illegal immigrants and the man that was trying to help bring them in. It is sad to see so much done to get here illegally.

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