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Sarah Sanders Shuts Down April Ryan, Makes Her Admit Great Thing Trump Did For African American Community Obama Couldn’t

Sarah Huckabee Sanders continues to impress. She has a hard job and the liberal media never sees her sweat.

But believe me the job is high pressure and the stakes couldn’t be bigger. Just because Sarah handles it with so much grace doesn’t mean it is easy.

Many have tried and most have failed to keep the jackals in he media in line.

Who can forget, well the liberal media has, how Obama treated the press? He charged more leakers and went after more journalists in 8 years than Trump could ever do if he wanted to.

And nary a word from our impartial media, except when Trump tells them to be careful.

A worst double standard has not existed in the history of American politics.

As the Washington Examiner reported, Sarah Sanders went into the lions den at George Washington University to speak on a panel about “Trump’s first year.”

A few members of the media were on the panel with Sanders. Glenn Thrush of the New York Times with whom Trump has a love hate relationship, and the always obnoxious April Ryan.

Sarah began,

“We are making a lot of progress, maybe not as fast as certainly the president wants and I think not as fast as America wants. One of the reasons Donald Trump is president is that there is such a frustration” with Washington. The biggest negative would be Congress’ inability to do their job. You’ve got a few people that are holding up a lot of progress.”

Correct. Congress is almost as bad as the media.

Enter April Ryan.

She went after Sanders for how Trump is treating the NFL players, a losing argument if ever there was, before saying Trump has don’t anything for urban America.

“When it comes to issues of urban America, the jury’s still out but it doesn’t look good right now.”

To which Saran calmly, and with poise the grace of a professional poker player, shot back that Trump’s school choice policy, a huge reversal from Obama’s failures, is very popular with the African American community and having a huge positive impact.

“That’s true,” April seethed through clenched teeth knowing the game was up. Knowing Sanders just exposed how Trump us actually helping these communities while Obama just talked about it.

Obama talked and got the minority vote but never delivered. Trump delivers, just doesn’t talk as politically correct as Obama and sadly no one can tell the difference.

Because reporters like April Ryan never report it. Let’s hope she tells her viewers what she just admitted to Sarah sanders so they get the real truth about Trump and he is doing more for the African American community than Obama who forgot about them as soon as he won.

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