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Trump Takes Second in “Most Admired Man” Title, First on the List Proves This Was Liberal Study

Gallup’s annual “most admired man and woman poll” for 2017 found that President Donald Trump is the country’s second most-admired male figure, but the name that came in at No. 1 could throw the whole contest into question.

Former President Barack Obama apparently ranks No. 1 among Americans, with 17 percent of the population viewing him with more admiration than any other male figure, according to a Gallup poll released Wednesday.

“Obama edges out Donald Trump, 17% to 14%,” Gallup announced, noting however that “(t)he percentage of adults naming Obama as the most admired man is down from 22% last year.”

Trump’s admiration dropped as well from a high of 15 percent. So did the ratings for former first lady Michelle Obama (8 to 7 percent) and failed Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton (12 to 9 percent).

Is this poll legitimate? It seems fairly believable on first glance, especially given how much praise both the media and Hollywood sycophantly lavish on the Obamas.

It can likewise be assumed that the media’s persistent attacks on Trump — including the constant lies about his character — have played a role in tarnishing his public image.

It seemingly makes sense therefore that, according to Gallup, 35 percent of Republicans named Trump their most admired man, while 39 percent of Democrats named Obama.

But because of Gallup’s sometimes questionable record, one can’t help but wonder if perhaps the poll was somehow, someway skewed toward Obama.

And by “questionable record” I mean the pollster’s history of biasing its studies. Last year, for instance, it ran a poll that used a technique called push polling to engender certain results.

The poll specifically asked black Americans whether they could cite any occasions within the past 30 days when they felt they were treated unfairly because they were black, according to the American Council on Science and Health.

But as noted by the council, by specifically focusing on race, the poll was clearly “designed to elicit a particular response”: “A much better question would be: ‘Can you think of any occasion in the last 30 days when you felt you were treated unfairly?’”

“Second, and far more importantly, there is no ‘control’ group,” the council rightly complained. “The survey has no baseline data with which to compare the responses of African-Americans. It does not ask whites, Asians, Hispanics, or any other ethnic group if they have been treated unfairly. This is a serious oversight.”


And not to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but maybe the same sort of oversight happened with Gallup’s  “most admired man and woman poll” for 2017.

One thing is clear, though: If Obama won it, it was a liberal study for sure.


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