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Yet Another Man Caught in the Women’s Restroom Taking Photos

There’s a real “war on women” taking place… but it isn’t happening the way the mainstream media is reporting.

While the left pretends to be the great defenders of feminism, actions speak louder than words. The reality is that liberal policies that are soft on crime and downplay deviant behavior are disastrous — and women and girls are often hurt the most.

Case in point: A man near fairly liberal Houston, Texas, just walked into a women’s bathroom and started taking cell phone footage of a young lady in the stall.

To make the situation even more appalling, the accused pervert is already a registered sex offender with a long history of recording women in bathrooms — including an underage girl. Yet he has received only slaps on the wrist and has been allowed to roam free.

According to KTRK News, 25-year-old Darryl K. Suber Jr. was recently caught red-handed by a waitress at a Hooter’s restaurant.

“Hailey Zipperer […] a waitress at a Hooter’s in Humble, was using the restroom when she noticed a cell phone over the middle of her stall,” the news station reported. “She says she jumped up immediately and confronted the person, later identified in court records as Suber.”

One incident is bad enough, but it turns out that Suber has a lengthy criminal record of preying on women and girls. He has somehow avoided serious jail time for years.

“Suber […] was given five years probation for attempted promotion of child pornography. An improper photography charge was dismissed after his arrest at a Cheddar’s restaurant in Spring last December,” reported KTRK. “Witnesses said they heard a young girl scream in the bathroom that someone was recording her.”

Incredibly, he was allowed to remain free to commit more crimes.

The Houston news station dug into the man’s past, and found a disturbing trend that goes back to high school.

“He pleaded guilty in return for deferred adjudication for taking pictures or videos of female classmates in the locker room at Kingwood High School,” the station reported.

“He’s been arrested three times for exposing himself to women. He’s also a registered sex offender in Texas.”

Each time, he received laughably minor punishments such as probation.

He is scum. He is scum,” declared Kisha Foster, a woman who reportedly was in a Texas restaurant last year when the sex offender started photographing an underage little girl in the bathroom.

“She heard the girl’s screams as she ran from the bathroom for help,” said KTRK. “He’s camera-ing me. She meant, ‘He’s video recording me,’” Foster told reporters about the incident with the young girl.

A glimpse into the accused predator’s mind revealed his twisted justification for the acts — and it sounds somewhat familiar in the era of “transgender bathrooms.”

“He told his probation officer ‘he does not believe that there should be an expectation of privacy in a public restroom and that he doesn’t think that it should be against the law to video someone in the restroom because you can’t deny your urges,’” stated KTRK News.

These types of disturbing incidents are exactly what a Republican-backed bill in Texas was trying to prevent. Earlier this year, a proposal intended to keep men from invading women’s restrooms and changing areas was blocked by moderates and liberals in the state house.

“It would have required people to use restrooms, showers and locker rooms in public schools and other state and local government facilities that match the sex on their birth certificate, as opposed to their gender identity,” explained Reuters.

The left often pretends that sexual assaults and invasions of privacy in restrooms are some sort of myth. The reality is that it happens far too often, and social experiments that give perverts easier access to bathrooms put women and girls at risk.

In their rush to tear down societal norms, liberals fail to recognize that standards and borders exist for good reasons.

The point of a female bathroom is so that women can quickly recognize when something is wrong before it escalates. It’s one of the few “safe spaces” that makes sense: Underage girls shouldn’t have to wait until a pervert’s camera is literally in their stall to know that a fox — or a wolf — is in the hen house.

Liberal “anything goes” policies provide cover for predators and essentially shame women for expecting privacy or raising the alarm when the opposite sex enters their restroom.

If the left is serious about feminism, then they need to actually stand up for women. That means tough justice for serial criminals, not weak reprimands that do nothing to actually stop predators.

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