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BREAKING! Oprah’s Mansion Just Got Hit Right After Challenging Trump!

Within the last several months Southern California has been hit with one natural disaster after another. Last year’s wildfires consumed hundreds of thousands of acres all across the region, which prompted mass evacuations. In Santa Barbara County the order was given under mandatory evacuation orders, forcing more than 6,000 residents to leave their homes, as wildfires consumed more than 290,000 acres.

In Los Angeles County the order was given to evacuate Kagel Canyon, Lopez Canyon and Little Tijunga Canyon, as wildfires swept across the regain. Police and fire officials in Los Angeles helped with evacuations in areas damaged by the Creek and Fish fires.

And as the Santa Ana winds shifted from one direction to another Southern California became an inferno igniting wildfires in Clayton County destroying over 4,000 acres, in Soberanes County destroying over 90,000 acres, in Blue Cut County destroying over 40,000 acres to name a just a few. In total, more than 100 wildfires were reported all along the California coast.

Moreover, 2018 is starting out as a repeat of 2017 with yet another natural disaster, heavy record rains are now producing flash floods followed my massive mudslide in part because of the burned out areas.

Once again counties in Santa Barbara just weeks after wildfires are experiencing massive mudslide, with at least 16 deaths reported so far.

Celebrities including daytime diva, and perhaps 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate Oprah Winfrey and tennis legend Jimmy Connors are among the thousands who have been affected by flash flooding and mudslides in southern California.

Mudslides slammed into homes, covered highways and swept away vehicles early on Tuesday when more than a half-inch (1.5cm) of rain fell in five minutes, a rate that far exceeds the normal flash flood threshold.

The devastation hitting Southern California, first with wildfires and now with floods and mudslides seems almost like a biblical prophecy from the Old Testament.

Do you think this is just a taste of the pain Oprah will feel if she takes on Trump in 2020?

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