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BREAKING! Trump Just FINISHED It! Now Illegals & Dems Are FREAKING Out!!

President Trump and the GOP have been negotiating an immigration deal with the DNC. It’s clear what both sides want. Republicans want funding for the wall and an end to chain migration. The DNC wants DACA to remain in effect. Trump is pushing for a merit-based system, much like those implemented in countries like Australia and Canada. As for the Democrats, they’re threatening a government shutdown if they don’t get a deal that includes a continuation of the DACA program.

The POTUS just released a tweet with his speculation of what Democrats are really up to.

Democrats proclaim to want DACA to continue but show no interest in cementing an agreement or willing to give something of substance in return. All they want to do is prolong the issue so they can continue to rant about how awful and racist Trump is. Just look at how the DNC and the mainstream media completely blown up the whole “s**thole countries” remark that Trump allegedly made.

DACA was enacted under the Obama administration, though President Trump ended the program in September. He did, however, say that he was willing to allow the program to continue if Democrats agree to fund a border wall and end the diversity lottery program.

By the way, the many Democrats that claim Trump’s proposed immigration policy is discriminatory have themselves advocated for a similar proposal in the past. This includes the likes of Obama, Hillary, and Chuck Schumer.

The Democrat’s about-face show that they’re pandering to the SJW crowd for an easy voting block.

Do Dems really care about undocumented immigrants and their children, or are they exploiting them to keep their establishment in power?

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