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After Jim Acosta Blаmes Trump fоr Shutdоwn, Mulvaney Unlеаshes а FIRЕSTORM of Truth

White House Director of Legislative Affairs Marc Short and Director of Office of Management and Budget Mick Mulvaney held a press conference today to discuss the impending government shut down if Democrats refuse to cooperate in voting to fund the government.

CNN reporter Jim Acosta immediately started in on Mick Mulvaney after Mulvaney revealed that Republicans are calling this issue the “Schumer shutdown’ in honor of Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer and his cohort who refuse to pass the government funding bill without a DACA resolution attached.

a”You said this was the ‘Schumer shutdown.’ How can it be the ‘Schumer shutdown’ when Republicans control the White House, the House, and the Senate?”

This is where Mulvaney schools Acosta in the most brilliant fashion.

“Come on, you know the answer to that as well as anybody … that it takes 60 votes in the Senate to pass an appropriations bill. You know that. So, when you only have 51 votes in the Senate then you have to have Democrat support in order to … fund the government.”

This is as simple and straightforward as Mulvaney could put it for Acosta, who clearly isn’t understanding why it would be blamed on the Democrats.

Mulvaney then goes on to tell Acosta exactly what he thinks about these dirty tactics Democrats are using to get the DACA bill passed.

“There is no reason that you have to deal with DACA this week. There is no reason you have to deal with DACA before the middle of February. DACA doesn’t expire until March 5th. This is purely an attempt by the Senate, led by Mr. Schumer – that’s why we call it ‘the Schumer shutdown’ to try and get a shutdown that this president gets blamed for.”

BOOM! He just called out Acosta and the Democrats in Congress for using a non-fiscal issue to force the government’s hand on a fiscal issue. It’s pathetic!

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