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After Dems Blame Trump for Shutdown, Eric Trump Brings Out Their WORST Nightmare

At midnight on Friday, the government was sent into a temporary shutdown after the Senate failed to approve a short-term spending bill. Republican senators needed 60 votes to move forward with bill that would have funded the government for 30 days, however, they came up short of the required 60.

While blame has been placed by both sides, the Democrats are adamant that the shutdown is the fault of the Republicans who refuse to bargain with them. Senate minority leader, Chuck Schumer, blamed the President outright saying, “He’s turned blowing up bipartisan agreements into an art form,” Mr. Schumer said of the president, adding that “negotiating with President Trump is like negotiating with Jell-O.”

After hearing the Democratic rant’s against his father, Eric Trump called into Judge Jeanine’s show on Fox News on Saturday to weigh in on the shutdown in his own words:

“People see through it. I mean, people have seen a year that’s incredible. It’s been filled with nothing but the best for our country, ‘America First’ policies, and they’re happy with where we are as a nation.”

Not only does he know the Democrats are using this as yet another scheme to further their agenda, but he is confident that the American people see through their crooked politics. The Democrats choose illegals over true Americans. They chose politics over Americans.

Eric Trump believes that the Democrat’s main goal is to obstruct President Trump’s momentum that he has gained.

“I mean, my father has had incredible momentum. He has gotten more done in one year than arguably any president in history. How do they divert from that message? How do they save their own party when they don’t have any leadership, they don’t have any good candidates out there, they don’t have a message of their own? How do they do that? They obstruct, they distract, they try and place blame.”

BOOM! How can anyone argue with his statement? The Democratic party is imploding because they have no leadership, no potential, and no message. Their entire purpose is to obstruct our President – but that is not a purpose at all! While this is horrible news for the Democratic party, Republicans should be optimistic about their party’s future.

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