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Liberal Reporters Gang Up On Sarah But She Unleashes the TRUTH and Takes Them Down

During a heated press briefing on Monday, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders schooled reporters who tried to blame President Trump for the government shutdown despite the Democrats being the ones who actually voted for the shutdown.

ABC News Anchor Cecilia Vega interrupted Sarah to ask about the DACA recipients and whether a resolution will be pushed forward for their predicament.

“The President was very clear back in September when he said that DREAMers have nothing to worry about. Is that still the case?”

Sarah answered by assuring her that is always has been and still is the case. Cecilia pressed on with her question in an attempt to get Sarah cornered.

“There are a lot of DREAMers in this country who are sort of living on pins and needles, not knowing what their fate is. What is this White House’s message to that population?”

But Sarah is much too smart for that. Her answer was BRILLIANT!

“I think that they should storm Capitol Hill and protest there because that is the place that has held up this discussion. Democrats are the one that shut this discussion down by forcing a government shutdown. By being unwilling to fund the government, we lost four days over this process of the conversation that should have been focused on immigration reform. If they had been part of the solution instead of part of the problem then I think we would have already been further down the road in our negotiations on that package and hopefully we won’t have problems like that in the future.”

Sarah is the best at calling Democrats out on their baloney and hypocrisies in front of the whole world!

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