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BREAKING: Mаd Dog Mаttis DROPPED BOMB On 150 ISIS Tеrrorists

Democrats have been up in arms over the past week worrying about DACA and the government shut down. While they were focusing only on the well-being of illegal aliens, Secretary of Defense General James “Mad Dog Mattis” has been taking care of business to keep millions of Americans safe from ISIS.

Breitbart reported that the Pentagon just announced that 150 ISIS terrorists were killed on Saturday in an airstrike by U.S. forces that targeted eastern Syria. The strike occurred right in the middle of the government shutdown, showing that Mattis was not fazed by any of that nonsense.

The U.S. Central Command released a statement saying that the strike hit one of the last areas under Islamic State control near the Syrian border with Iraq. ISIS was previously forced to surrender 98% of it’s territory in the region, and it currently occupies only two percent of land near the Syrian city of Al-Shaafah, where the strike occurred.

“[The American-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)] assisted in target observation prior to the strikes,” read the statement announcing the strike. It went on to explain that with the strike, U.S. forces were targeting ISIS headquarters where many fighters with the terror group were present.

“The strikes underscore our assertion that the fight to liberate Syria is far from over,” said Maj. Gen. James Jarrard, commanding general of the special operations joint task force.

Though this was a major victory for the U.S., Jarrard warned that ISIS still has a presence in the area.

Jarrard said that Syrian Democratic Forces “are still finding, targeting and killing ISIS terrorists intent on keeping their extremist hold on the region.”

“We cannot take our focus off our mission, and we must not lose our momentum in taking these terrorists off the battlefield and preventing them from resurfacing somewhere else,” he added.

We’re so glad to see that Democrats did not distract General Mattis from taking care of business against ISIS. Perhaps Democrats should worry a little bit less about illegal aliens, and a little more about the ISIS terrorists who want to destroy our nation.

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