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All Hell Just Broke Loose After Sarah Sanders Slams Reporter Accusing Trump of Collusion

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders held press briefing on Wednesday and completely ruined these reporters AGAIN. Will they ever get tired of being embarrassed on national television?

While there is so many Trump victories to report on, the liberal press keep returning back to their Russian addiction. Today, a reporter asked Sarah what Trump “means when he defines ‘collusion.’” Her leading question is yet another attempt at bringing back old news about potential Russian collusion. This is where Sarah loses it.

“Look, I think the accusation against the President is that he had help winning the election, and that’s simply untrue. The President won because he was the better candidate. Because he worked harder. Because he had a message that America actually cared about and believed in and came out in a historic fashion and supported and voted for him. That’s why he won. It wasn’t because of some made-up hoax that has been created to de-legitimize this president. It’s because he was the best candidate at the right time that America wanted to see. And that’s why he’s in the oval office today.”

MIC DROP! Sarah will go down in history as the most level headed press secretary EVER for continuing to answer these clowns when they are downright rude to her. This is a message that should ring throughout the country. We the people have spoken. Let Trump do his job! End the Russian hoax!

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