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Sarah Huckabee Sanders Just Used the Text Message Leak to DESTROY the FBI

Sarah Huckabee Sanders held a press briefing today at the White House where she started off by stressing that our thoughts and prayers are with the people involved in the shooting today at a Marshall County High School.

She then turned the podium over to NEC Director Gary Cohn and National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster who gave a preview of President Trump’s upcoming trip to the World Economic Forum.

After Sarah returned to the podium to take questions, the floodgates opened with a deluge of comments about the upcoming DACA negotiations. Thankfully Sarah kept calm and let the media know that President Trump is just honoring the Constitution and that Congress needs to be the one to legislate on this particular issue.

After that, reporters moved on to the Devin Nunez memo and that missing text messages from former Mueller team member Peter Strzok.

“Does he think there is a cover up? Or why does he think this is one of the biggest stories in a long time?”

Sarah lit into her.

“You guys are absolutely obsessed with everything to do with collusion if it has anything to do with the President. We hope that you’ll take some of that same obsession, energy, and fervor and direct it to some of the places where it looks like there could have been some really inappropriate and possibly illegal behavior.”

Sarah went further to say that President Trump has 100% confidence in FBI Director Wray and that he hopes that Wray will take it upon himself to investigate this matter further so as not to appear biased.

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