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After Cher Tries to Insult Sarah Huckabee, She Gets SLAMMED With Instant Karma

Earlier this week, the widely-known singer Cher took a mindless jab at the White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

The singer insulted Sanders’ outfit selections and compared her to wives of a polygamist cult. In a public tweet, Cher wrote the following message:

“Would someone please tell Sarah Huckabee Sanders to stop dressing like a sister wife.”

She posted the message with an accompanying photo of two women in old-style, full length dresses.

The pushback was almost instant. Many people saw Cher’s comment as an unnecessary attack on another woman. This is yet another example of the leftists having double standards when it comes to criticism. They are complete hypocrites in every way.

A few people replied to Cher with a GENIUS comeback, sharing a popular photo of her in an absolutely ridiculous outfit.

“At least Huckabee dresses with taste and covered up. She has brains so she doesn’t need half naked clothes to make us notice her, we actually listen to her, when did anyone really listen to U without music?” wrote one Twitter user.

Hopefully the karma that hit Cher will remind other Hollywood liberals to think before staking a jab at the Trump administration. Sarah Huckabee Sanders is classy, intelligent, and a successful woman.

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