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Mike Huckabee Just Unleashed Rod Rosenstein’s Worst Nightmare

On Friday morning, in an interview with Fox New, Mike Huckabee discussed the widely discussed memo that has been the subject of many news stories over the past couple of weeks. The interview was just a day after Trump mentioned to reporters that he plans on de-classifying the memo and releasing it to the public. Ultimately, this memo could prove that the FBI had an illegal plan to take down the Trump campaign.

On Monday evening, the House Intelligence Committee voted along party lines in favor of releasing the currently classified memo, which then allowed the White House a few days to review it before making the next step.

Not only would the memo prove that the FBI has unlawfully targeted the Trump administration, but it may also put the entire Mueller investigation at risk – including the position of Rod Rosenstein. Mike Huckabee told Fox News that, if proven guilty of planting the evidence for an illegal surveillance, “heads will roll.”

“Nobody is going to fire Rod Rosenstein as long as he didn’t do anything wrong. If these documents reveal that he’s clean, he’s safe. But if they reveal that he and other high officials in the DOJ and the FBI were in fact concealing evidence, protecting people because they had done things wrong and they didn’t want to get them in trouble for it, then there are a lot of people who DO need to go.”

Huckabee is exactly right. America needs to see this memo because it will finally reveal the TRUTH. Either a crime was committed or it wasn’t. But if it was, it needs to be handled properly. Trump supporters are already aware of the unfair obstruction Trump has undergone, but to have the world finally recognize it would be a major step forward.

Do you think the memo will prove that the FBI and DOJ acted illegally? Let us know in the comments!

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