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Trump’s America Booming as Retailers See Histaoric Rise

Retail sales this holiday period reportedly rose so dramatically that one marketing expert has declared that “this year was a big win for retail.” And while many factors undoubtedly contributed to the spike, some suspect the most prominent factor may have been the election of President Donald Trump. According to Mastercard …

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Trump Cancels Celebration of Big Government

Though obstinate NeverTrumpers are loathe to admit it, President Donald Trump has pressed an incredibly conservative agenda while in office thus far, one that largely eschews the “big government” celebrated by liberals in favor of a more pragmatic realism toward getting work done. A prime example of this is the …

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BREAKING: Trump’s Going After the Clintons!

It went over the heads of most of the media, but just before Christmas, President Trump made a move that very well may signal the beginning of the end for the Clintons and their fellow swamp-dwellers. Over the weekend, President Trump signed a new executive order explicitly declaring a national …

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Trump’s Secret Plan Worked! He Did It!

There are many metrics by which to measure the fact that President Trump has been an effective leader, even if Democrats and liberals won’t admit as much. One of the most obvious proofs is the fact that ISIS has suffered such enormous losses since Trump took office. Prior to last …

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Comey Sued For “Helping” Famous Terror Group!

Fired FBI Director James Comey is being accused of working with ISIS members in a terror plot on American soil. The lawyer representing the security guard shot in the 2015 terror attack on a community center in Garland, Texas is suing the FBI for allowing the attack to occur. According …

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